How to get good grades ? Top tips and advices

How to get good grades ? Top tips and advices

"How to get good grades in school" is a question that left many people wondering, especially parents of children with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. Children with learning disabilities have to make more effort than their peers and face many blocks and difficulties when learning. 

In this article, we'll discover how to get good grades and show you that your child has every chance to succeed!

Make your kid confident about himself

Dyslexic children need to understand that even though they learn differently, they can be brilliant and pass all their exams. Confidence leads to success! Here are some ways to build confidence: 

  • Praise him when he makes efforts;
  • Encourage him to do other activities; 
  • Show him that you are proud of him ;
  • Give him responsibilities ;
  • Optimize time management 

It is important to help your child with dyslexia to manage his time in order to be organized. You can try the following tips:

  • Set alarms to help him remember his tasks;
  • Set up checklists for your child to use as a reference;
  • Plan his tasks and assignments from most urgent to least urgent. 
  • It is not realistic to want to do everything at the same time. You have to help him to prioritize the top tasks.

Improve memorization:

Practicing memorization allows your child to remember all the information that will be essential on his test day. In order to train your dyslexic child's memory, we recommend practicing self-repetition. 

Self-repetition is the action of repeating lists of items to oneself to anchor them in the memory. 

You can also encourage your child to use mnemonics to learn irregular words and exceptions. 

Establish a good revision routine 

When it's time to review courses, make it easier for your child by reviewing in small batches every day instead of learning everything at once. This will prevent your child from losing focus and relieve frustration. 

Use technology and the right digital tools

Equip yourself with the right digital tools that will help him effectively.  If you are allowed to use the computer in class, take advantage of the opportunity. 

There are also many books available in audio and electronic format. A great way to finish a novel in a short time ! To help you in your reading, the Lexilight lamp is also your best ally. Thanks to it, you will read more easily and quickly.

Make it easy to organize

Organization is the key to success! For dyslexic children, it can be difficult for them to get organized so don't hesitate to help them. Here are some organizational tips that will change their life at school:

  • Keep homework materials and lessons in one place, using different colored notebooks for each subject;
  • Use color dividers and provide highlighters and good pencil cases;
  • Ensure that the workspace is always neat and tidy;
  • Provide a desk calendar and a bulletin board and push pins to record important things.

Enroll him in extracurricular activities

Dyslexic students usually spend more time working on homework.  This can be exhausting for them, so it's important that they switch off regularly and do something completely different.

Try to encourage your child to find and participate in an activity or sport that they are interested in and passionate about. 

Find out what the format of the test is

Knowing the format of the test ahead of time will help your child review and know which questions to prepare for. It can also reduce test anxiety.

Tell your child's teachers about their difficulties 

It is important to share your child's difficulties with their teachers. Mutual understanding will allow you to make accommodations and help your child succeed in school. 

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