Learning Disorders – is there a Genetic Origin?

Learning Disorders – is there a Genetic Origin?

There is a genetic origin to learning disorders or DYS disorders. This claim is supported by the fact that some genes are found in children who have problems reading and understanding mathematics. Two very different fields that one might think distinct, but a British study has a made partial links between them and codes found in our DNA.

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A multitude of genes at the genetic origin of learning disorders

A paper published in the journal "Nature Communications" has highlighted that it is a multitude of genes that together generate learning disorders, such as dyslexia. There is no gene for dyscalculia, dysorthography, etc. It's actually a group of genes that act together to generate DYS disorders.

This discovery is the result of a large study conducted in Britain with more than 2500 families. The performance of 12-year-olds was measured in the areas of mathematics and reading. The researchers then cross-checked each child's results with their genetic map. They were able to highlight, common variations associated with learning disorders.

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It's not just genetics

Echoing the eternal debate between nature and nurture, genetics is not the only factor that explains learning disorders. The environment also plays an important role in a child's overall development, whether it is psychomotricity, reading or learning numbers.

According to researchers, it is important to understand the influence of genetic factors and stimulations. In other words, it is not because a child possesses the genes that cause the learning disorders that he or she will definitely have it. On the contrary, if a child is genetically predisposed to DYS disorders, it is in his or her interest to be more stimulated than others. Certainly, it will be more difficult to learn to read or count but it is not impossible either. Thanks to personalized support both at home and at school, a child with dyslexia or dyscalculia will be able to overcome their handicap through perseverance.

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