Specialist schools for dyslexic children

Specialist schools for dyslexic children

The support of dyslexic children in traditional education is far from ideal. Whether the teachers are willing or not, such a structure is not suitable for dys disorders. How do we help a dyslexic child in a class of 20 students without training or adequate equipment? There is a solution (for those who can afford it and who live close to such an establishment): specialist schools for dyslexic children.

Des enfants assis sur un banc imageant les écoles spécialisées pour enfants dyslexiques

Specialist schools for dyslexic children and for all "dys disorders"

Dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysorthography ... To varying degrees, dys disorders affect about 10% of French children in school. Traditional schoolteachers do not always have the time, tools, or skills to provide meaningful support to dyslexic children. This is why private specialist schools were created to offer schooling adapted to the difficulties encountered by dyslexic students.

Specialist dyslexia schools: the principle

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Schools specialized in dyslexia, of course, offer a curriculum that has been specially adapted to better overcome the difficulties of reading and learning that dyslexic children encounter. The reading material is specially adapted (font, syllables of different colors, etc.) and they use tools such as computers that use speech recognition to facilitate learning.

The classes have far fewer students, which means that children can devote more time to each of them, and thus provide them with a more personalized education, focused on their difficulties.

Speech-language pathologists are also present within the school structure to provide individual re-education sessions on site. This specific care also means that the child is among peers who have similar difficulties.

Children no longer feel excluded and can avoid the spiral of failure which dys children who have lost confidence in themselves regularly fall into. On the contrary, they progress faster thanks to this more targeted and personalized education.

Specialist schools for dyslexic children: how much does it cost?

It is expensive to go to a specialist school for dyslexic children, but state aids are granted when the disability of the dyslexic child is recognized. There are also geographical constraints: these structures are rare in France; they are only accessible to parents who live close to major urban centres.

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