The strengths of dyslexics

The strengths of dyslexics

When we talk about dyslexia, we tend to focus on the difficulties caused by it and the compensatory measures that we can take in order to palliate the symptoms of it. However, what we should do more of is talk about the strengths of dyslexics, as there are plenty of them. Below we outline just a few of these, so we suggest you check them out to find out what you’re missing out on!

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Dyslexia: not only negative

When a child is diagnosed with dyslexia, some parents are sometimes shocked and don’t know what to do or where to turn. Not only is there nothing to worry about, with adequate support, the child will be able to overcome his difficulties. But being dyslexic also means developing strengths. As proof, many great men and women were dyslexic. 20% of British business owners are dyslexic, while in the normal population this percentage varies between 8% and 10% - this means there is an overly large proportion of high-achieving dyslexics in comparison to its count within the UK population.

The strengths of dyslexics

Every child is different, of course. But dyslexic children tend to develop specific skills that make them excellent entrepreneurs, these can include:

  • Oral communication:because writing is a difficult, dyslexics tend to develop above-average oral communication skills. This talent in communication means they are destined to succeed in entrepreneurship.

  • Sense of observation and to look past the superfluous to the essential: the reading issues dyslexics face help them to focus on the essential and to better observe. Especially at the level of 3D visualization, which is a valuable skill in many trades.

  • Ability to delegate: Being dyslexic means finding alternative solutions to solve one's problems, which is why dyslexics learn to delegate early on in their life.

  • Managing difficulties and overcoming them: being dyslexic means having to overcome difficulties and finding strategies to circumvent obstacles, which develops perseverance and courage.

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These qualities concern mainly the business world, in which the dyslexics grab the top jobs, thanks to their skills. But there are also a large number of dyslexics who excel in artistic disciplines. Dyslexia develops creativity and curiosity. This is why entertainment stars are dyslexic: Johnny Hallyday is probably the most emblematic example in France and Keira Knightley and great one for the UK.

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