Treatment for dyslexia in adults

Treatment for dyslexia in adults

As you may well know, dyslexia is a DYS disorder that cannot be cured. Early diagnosis with adequate follow-up can limit its effects, but dyslexia continue on into adulthood. So, how do we deal with it in our work-life? Here we outline some of the key-ways people treat this disorder in their daily lives as adults.

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Treatment of adult dyslexia: what to do?

If there are gaps in the diagnosis and mis-management of dyslexic children, the situation unfortunately does not ameliorate into adulthood. Given the serious effects that dyslexia has on learning in a person’s early years, the one can only imagine how dyslexia disabling it is in the professional world for not only the person, but the company and its trajectory too. And, in companies as well as in schools, the understanding of adult dyslexia is reflected depending on the company and the immediate environment.

The dyslexic adult in the speech therapist’s chair?

A person who suffers from adult dyslexia may well consider re-education with a speech therapist. Nevertheless, they will have to totally reconsider their approach toward the condition, with many bad habits tricky to untangle and reorder. Instead of working on the acquisition of reading, rehabilitation should be based on compensatory methods that overcome disability. There are many ways to make dyslexics read more fluently, whether they are children or adults.

Technology to the rescue for dyslexic adults

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This consists mainly of aids and hi-tech tools that allow the adult to flourish in his or her professional life, whether it be being able to read the daily report from the boss, or standing up in front of the company to make a speech::

Fonts: There are many fonts that have been specially designed to make reading for dyslexics easier. If the dyslexic workstation must of course be configured to display all the documents in this font, the company can also make an effort by adopting it for its internal communication, presentations, etc.

Speech Recognition: powerful software makes it possible to dictate the text in your microphone. This huge leap forward means people can avoiding the difficulty of writing for dyslexics who have problems with it, and concentrate much more on what is being said. Work faster and work smarter.

Specific training programs for adults: recent advances in neuroscience have allowed the development of advanced programs that identify areas of the brain which are under-developed to provide personalized cognitive training, especially for adult dyslexia.

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