Lexilife's mission: to improve the daily lives of dyslexics. This leitmotiv guides us in our actions.

Changing attitudes

To fight against prejudices about dyslexia, informing, exchanging, de-dramatizing with the general public (as well as with certain private or public institutions) is the best remedy.
The whole society's view of dyslexics must change.

Suggesting solutions

Practical tools, advice, contacts... Lexilife compiles the best of existing solutions. The questions of dyslexics and their relatives too often remain unanswered.

Reassuring parents and children

One ambition: to reveal the potential of each dyslexic and make him/her aware of his/her abilities. Dyslexia is not a condemnation to failure. Dyslexia is not a recipe for failure.

Creating dialogue

The Lexilife community brings together children, parents, relatives, speech therapists or education professionals. It is through the exchange and sharing of experiences that we will make a difference.


Research and new technologies are creating many hopes. Our Lexilight lamp is only one step towards new discoveries.

Respecting our values

Lexilife is part of a global social approach. It is in accordance with these values that we have our lamps built in France in Saint Malo in an adapted work plant.

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